Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

By Rovio Entertainment Ltd

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-07-30
  • Current Version: 2.17.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 488.38 MB
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 211,917 Reviews

Angry Birds 2 App Description

Join millions of players worldwide to fling birds and stop the pigs in a nearly endless number of destruction filled challenges. Challenge other players in the Arena, or band together with friends in a clan and complete epic challenges together! FEATURES: – NEW Clans! Band together and take on clan challenges together. – Multiplayer Arena! Compete against others for high scores. – Level up! Upgrade your birds to increase their scoring potential. – Spells! Use spell cards when you need to deal some extra damage. – Download for FREE! ----------------------------- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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App Reviews

  • Love it

    By Madsounds
    Great game, much better than the first. But it crashes every time an ad plays. Sometimes the ad don't even show, just a black screen and then u have to close the game and start over. Update: Just finished the game at level 1450, are they any new levels coming? Not the same ole boards just repeating itself please
  • Unable to play

    By Antcan
    Tried reinstalling the game, still will not start levels. Please fix ASAP
  • Update it for iPhone X

    By Mustafa Mekano
    Please Update it for iPhone X I took u 1 star until u update it then I will give u 5 stars
  • Pretty bad

    By NicholasName20170406
    The developers are money whores
  • Add on

    By Ave 325
    This is a awesome game but I would recommend adding the two other birds in the flock like bubbles (the little orange one that puffs up) and Hal (the green boomerang) and would suggest the corporal pig as a boss but overall it is a great game
  • Rovio Cheats

    By FelixTruvere
    Algorithms are CLEARLY cheating you for your cash; players are awarded differently based on your spending & app-use. After playing several times daily for several MONTHS, I reached an uncalled-for burn-out due to sooo many unfair “situations” that occur for purposes of SALES pop-ups that allow you to “continue” your game’s progress after giving you an UNFAIR (un-winnable) game-play situation; and very OBVIOUS FALSE PHYSICS where the game-play “cheats” for your money. PAY “gems” or else be required to START OVER your win-streaks (a long process). Consecutive wins “Streaks” are required to win the bigger prizes you need to make progressive ground. The game gets excruciatingly slow to evolve when you get to higher levels as cost to “level-up” birds gets ridiculously high as the feather-prizes contrastingly SHRINK. I decided to play on my wife’s phone & noticed something VERY interesting when HER “Rare” Chests awarded INSANE prizes like 800 Pearls & 4X Power Hats as opposed to MY “Rare” chests awarding ME baby-prizes of 40 Pearls & 2X Hats! HER “Legendary” chests offerred 15,000 feathers as to MINE awarding only 3,000 WHAAAAT?!? Fellas... I’ve played TOO long & spent too much money for this kind of jack-around. VERY UNFAIR TACTICS are already used to FORCE these IN-APP SALES TRANSACTIONS bcuz u KNOW I’ve spent $ for gems. For months I was enjoying this app A LOT as it allowed me to let go of the real world; I played it passionately & I’m even a leader of my clan. But you can’t avoid seeing the BLATANT GREED and VERY ANNOYING GAME-PLAY SITUATIONS that throws itself in your face so often. After consuming 30-45 minutes trying to win 3 consecutive games in the “Daily Challenge” you’re given ONE HOUR (better have that time available NOW) on a next-level HARD daily-task, “Pig Panic.” Must win 3 very difficult games in a row. I lost again today. I wasn’t able to win 3 in a row after playing for A WASTED HOUR ...unless I BUY GEMS to continue. Game-play is TIME-LIMITED so that your failure for ONE WHOLE HOUR feels like “wasted time” = pressure to PURCHASE your win so that the HOUR you spent FEELS validated. I spent all of my lives & countless gems on Pig Panic & couldn’t get passed a Level for DAYS, failing time after time, after spending my gems AGAIN & AGAIN, & STILL didn’t come close... & I couldn’t use “spells” because it was a BOSS level. See... they KNOW I’ve spent money before & I might again :) I am burrrrned out. Turn off the app now? Open 8-Ball Pool? Rovio cheats its customers to burn them out before they get to see all of their creativity like level 1000 (cute)... SOOO many levels that I’ll bet a VERY SMALL percentage of downloaders will EVER see due to becoming burn-out too quickly. What is your pressure Rovio? We WANT to play this game. YOU’RE MESSING IT UP! I can’t keep spending gems for EVERY DANG GAME. My Flock Power is 388; I’m at Star Level 80, I suddenly can’t win MOST games in the arena as they are matching me up against TOO-strong players OR putting me in un-winnable situations in order to take my money & force in-app purchase opportunities. I’ve begun refusing to pay & just taking it in the bo-bo bcuz it’s EVERY GAME & after having over 4000 gems 3 weeks ago, I now have 800. I literally mutter to myself, “I effing hate this game...” I say that too often to call this app a fun way to pass time. I now just close the app because I got so frustrated with Rovio’s tact; audacity! Too frustrating to play. ESPECIALLY when you add to the fact that birds NOW cost 35,000 feathers to power them up & the prizes SIGNIFICANTLY shrank. 25-150 feathers at a time...?! THAT PACE?!? SERIOUSLY STUPID! I was ENJOYING THIS AHOLES! And the physics act SO unfairly when they cheat... it’s just... annoying! I’m SICK of Rovio’s blatant tact to get my money. This game has amazing POTENTIAL to be the greatest, but it’s DESPICABLE for its greed. ...And their “Editor’s Choice” award/review?? LOL! It says: “ It only took us a few minutes to fall in love.... blah blah...” A FEW MINUTES?!? No kidding!! Me too! You play a while (months), the ALGORITHMS DISCOVER YOU, then YOU discover how much audacity this company has! The BLATANCY! No worries! EVENTUALLY, when you’ve been stuck on a level for a week & they’ve spun your wheels to their amusement long enough; maybe you’ve spent some gem$ trying... and failed... but after about one week you’ll suddenly see GOLDEN pigs showing up in game-play (extra birds/lives if you hit them) & suddenly the game becomes EASY and definitely “nudged” to get you through the level you’ve been stuck on for days PROVING the game is “rigged” with a handicap. If they can make it EASY, oh you can bet they can make it HARD when they need to hit that INCOME QUOTA! ...AND they suddenly will NOT allow a Video/commercial for an extra bird when it’s REALLY needed, they GIVE us “the bird” (laughing pigs) when we run out of lives and they don’t offer that video for an extra life AFTER they’ve trained you to EXPECT a video for that extra life/bird... and even though they’d MAKE MONEY with us watching a video-commercial, it’s not ENOUGH money because they KNOW you NEED that win-streak on game #7 to win the big prize and they’ll make MORE money if they sell you gems rather than offer you a video. Sorry guys. Wanna play? BUY A LIFE. This company deserves ZERO praise for their efforts; I truly mean this. The audacity is unreal... and this all comes from a customer that HAS made it to the 71st floor on the tower & sitting high on the game-stats... Aren’t we select few supposed to feel PROUD? I don’t; I feel jacked around. I come back to read this & say to myself, “Good. This is all exactly correct.” WARNING; PLAY ONLY TO SPIN YOUR WHEELS - DO NOT PAY $
  • Freezes when you're about to win.

    By Seantiff
    I really enjoy playing this game, but for a while now the game will freeze when you are about to win 1500 feathers in the arena. There is no option, but to restart and lose all progress. This paired with what seems like artificially difficult pages and lack of points for destruction of structures makes me not want to play. It's all a money making scheme and has nothing to do with skill and practice.
  • Power to the people

    By little. lidie
    I am writing to the developers with a suggestion I hope can be implemented asap! Clan battles are awesome I love the fact of getting everyone to work together. I am a clan leader and I am trying to work on making our clan full of people who actually play the game regularly. But I can't advertise or get members who play daily to join. All I can do is boot people out who don't play and hope someone joins that plays. I had an idea I thought would be a great way to at least get some more participation from my clan. . . How about allowing the leader to hand out prizes to the other clan members who are participating and working hard???? Allowing the leader to select a prize to hand out to members every week who have shown there support for the clan. And make them Great prizes so that they will want to help out more. Giving the power to the people and giving us more to play for. I would love to hear more suggestions on how to build a better clan. Thank you To any players that want to join a clan that plays our clan name is Goose &Maverick.#38368 I don't kick out people who play. It's not about what you scored but that you play the games almost daily. I just want a clan of members who want to play.
  • Check internet connection?

    By mhauth
    Tried downloading this app twice over the last couple months and when I launch it it says connection error. I have full WiFi connection, so not sure what’s going on :(
  • Best animation-like game

    By 우현남
    So much fun owing to well balanced look and feel.