By Voodoo

  • App Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-04
  • Current Version: 3.4.63
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 212.20 MB
  • Developer: Voodoo
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 8.0
App Ratings: 4
Based on 34,528 Reviews
Advertisement App Description

Discover Voodoo's new game: Your goal? To conquer as much territory as possible. It's initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there's competition, and not everyone can win! Whether you're bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail. If an enemy touches it, that's the end for you. Try to stay ahead, because victory in is never certain until you possess all the territory. Stealing is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so. After the success of Quiz Run, 1 Pic 8 Words, and Bool, Voodoo now offers you a new gaming and graphics experience inspired by io type games (made popular by Enjoy the simplicity and strategy of an io game in a world with unique graphics. is for the whole family and doesn't require an Internet connection. App Screenshots


App Reviews

  • I hate the adds

    By Braintree dude
    I like the game but I will like It more if there’s no adds
  • Suggestions for the game

    By Paigerrr Murphy
    I have a lot of suggestions for this game. So my 1st one is that there should be a customize avatar thingy. My 2nd is there should be game modes like fast or slow. And I think that there should be a online mode or offline mode too.
  • Toooo many addddssss

    By zomthing_ztupid
    If I wanted to watch something I would’ve gone to Netflix, I can’t go without a game without a add piping up.... UGH!!!!!
  • Ads oh the ads

    By ballsdeep99
    This app is soooo annoying. So what happened is I won the challenges but it didn't do anything and it's not that they're hard but everytime I complete a challenge it just does nothing! I love this app so much and it's really addicting but it always glitches an and it's not only for the challenge. the other "big problem" is that I am in the middle of making a square and someone spawns right in the middle of the square. The third "big problem" is that the freezing trivia crack ad is the only ad I've ever heard on and now I know all of the words to it. I wouldn't get this app if your phone is glitchy.
  • Avatars

    By deznuts05
    The pink donut is to hard to get please explain it more. It says I have to unlock 15 avatars to get the love letter but i have unlocked 20 something avatars and I still don't have the love letter.
  • Rip off

    By AVeryLongNameBleh
    I love this game... I’m addicted! But when I don’t want ads anymore and I pay 3 dollars to get rid of them and they don’t go away, it makes me angry! Don’t buy the no ads! It’s a rip off
  • My review

    By Titans265
    Hey I love this game don’t get me wrong but there needs to be some more things. There should be upgrades to unlock like start off with a bigger percentage or when someone touches your line you have more time. And there should be a custom character and things like that and active challenges to get coins like kill 100 players for so many coins. There also should be online playing so it is harder. If this was added it would be so much fun!
  • Good Idea, Bad Execution

    By Herobrine13922
    I really do like this game, but the gameplay could be such more. First of all, it is not an online game. It works just fine with full data and WiFi off. It continues as if nothing happens when you pause it for hours. This is kind of a good thing, allowing custom game modes and the aforementioned pausing and offline play. But the game only has only one mode. Sure there are challenges but they are easy and over within minutes. I will list some cool game modes that shouldn’t add for Voodoo’s convenience. This game also just never stops with the ads. I get it, you gotta keep the lights on, but Voodoo has many apps and games, all with way too many ads. Come on! Another annoying thing about this game, not as annoying as no 1v1 mode but still annoying, is the fact that you can’t change the difficulty or the number of players on the map, even though it isn’t an online game. Cool game modes (easy to make): -1v1 with an AI -regular play but with a huge complex map -local multiplayer -a “round” system. There is a small map and the winner is whoever can take 50% first. When someone wins, a new round starts. Maybe a timer and some interesting and complex maps to keep things from getting boring. -the round system, but like a championship. Those are all I can think of right now, but there is just so much untapped potential in this game.
  • Horrible game

    By Poop~Meister
    This game was enjoyable... at first. Let’s look at a list of BAD things: 1) WAY TOO MANY ADS I like this game, but I got like at least 25 ads for 5 minutes. 2) SUPER LAGGY Like I said, the game is cool, but it’s way too laggy for me. 3) Bad Update I liked the fact that when I first started how you could buy the avatars. But now, you need to complete challenges on challenges to get them. That is why the game is bad. But yet again, I sorta like it.
  • Need improvements for this s$&t

    By GoldenMafioso25
    Need improvements