AudioFix: For Videos

AudioFix: For Videos

By Future Moments

  • App Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2016-02-11
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.53 MB
  • Developer: Future Moments
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS 9.0
App Ratings: 3.5
Based on 145 Reviews

AudioFix: For Videos App Description

“Sound is half the picture.” – George Lucas - Instantly improve, boost, extract or mute the audio in your videos. Import a video and AudioFix immediately cleans it's sound and maximizes it's volume. Free to download so you can hear the improvement and try before you export. Check out AudioFix Pro if you don't want to deal with a subscription. Check out our Audio Production for Videos bundle which comes with AudioFix Pro and MicSwap Pro. Press and hold 'compare' to hear the difference from your original. Press and hold on a filter to bypass it and so you only hear the volume change. Also by Future Moments: MicSwap MicSwap Pro AudioFix Pro: For Videos AudioMaster: For Podcasts And Music AudioMaster Pro: For Podcasts And Music FEATURES ▪ Automatically boosts the audio in your video ▪ Choose from 11 filters to clean your audio ▪ Extract the audio from your video ▪ Mute the audio in your video ▪ Save as new or compress for sharing ▪ Easily compare to your original video ▪ We never overwrite your original file ▪ Press a filter to bypass it FILTER CHOICES ▪ Silence ▪ Audio Smoother ▪ Volume Booster ▪ Mild Wind Removal ▪ Hard Wind Removal ▪ Mild Hiss Removal ▪ Strong Hiss Removal ▪ Audio Fix Mild ▪ Audio Fix Medium ▪ Audio Fix Strong ▪ Audio Fix Ultra We never overwrite your original. Save as a new video in the same resolution. You can also use Audio Fix to reduce the file size of your video for easier sharing with our compress video option. Use Audio Fix to remove all sound from your video. Lots of options! For Youtubers, Instavideos, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram etc.. Universal App - Buy on iPhone, own it on iPad too DEVICE REQUIREMENTS iOS 9.0 or later iPhones iPod touch, iPads AudioFix: For Videos is free to download. We offer 3 subscription plans: Quarterly Unlimited Use ($4.99) 6 Month Unlimited Use ($7.99) Yearly Unlimited Use ($13.99) If you choose to subscribe, your subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the selected time and will charge your credit card through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Future Moments LLC privacy policy: Future Moments LLC terms of use:

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App Reviews

  • Nothing free. Misleading.

    By Jen2206
    This app is misleading you into believing that it’s free, but it’s not. You can’t save anything without paying for a subscription. Nope.
  • Deceptive: does nothing without a subscription

    By I_cycle
    This app does nothing without a subscription. EDIT: The title doesn’t mention that this is demoware, and that fact is hidden below the fold in the description. Furthermore, in my case, all I needed was to simply strip the audio entirely from my video, and there are plenty of free-to-use apps that handle this simple task for free. Finally, a subscription model feels like an extremely ill-fitting and exploitative payment model. I recently installed a free photo processing app that only offered limited functionality for free, but allowed more advanced functionality (and ad-removal) as one-time payments to unlock, and in fact I did upgrade as an in-app purchase. The way that app was described and how it handled payments felt less exploitative to me.
  • $$

    By brookie6624
    Would be a good app if you didn’t charge! at least let us export one video for free.
  • Perfect!

    By Marzipanzee
    I don’t understand why people want a good app for free. This app is simple and it works great. I run almost every video through it. Simple and good app!
  • a lie

    By Heatherameliaa
    its not free. whats the point if you can't even export the video
  • Don’t bother unless you want to pay

    By Dana :)
    It’s as simple as this. It’s not free. The developers can respond and try to make it seem like they told us so but in reality you get nothing out of this app for free. If you want to remove audio from a video, record it with the screen recording function in your control center with the microphone turned off. Deleted the app right after I wrote this review.
  • Boo

    By Arenera7
    This app is not free, I wanted to sound boost a video I have and then it tells me I have to pay for a upgrade or a monthly subscription, I'm super disappointed and very upset with this app and the developer as well, so upset that I took my time to write this. Don't be fooled
  • Disappointing

    By TheBitterSoul
    The app works great and I like it but I literally HATE how it won’t let me export the video unless I buy a subscription? Like WHAT? So apparently I’m not allowed to save the video unless I pay money? The app’s great if you’re willing to pay but if you’re someone like me who was searching for a free version, then this isn’t the one
  • Solid app

    By parthenon
    To be honest, what this app mostly does is cut off the high and low frequency and compress the rest – in other words make everything the same volume level. It makes things sound cleaner and clearer when you do that.It’s very similar to what A karaoke machine does to vocals but without the echo. That being said the truth is that’s basically all you need for a simple audio fix so this app is cheap, it works and it does it’s job. It’s not super sophisticated.Saw some highly negative reviews on here and thought they were unfair. People are so rude on the Internet.
  • bull

    By Vampire_lord
    this app is bull .here lets post a free app in market .then u down load it thus making veiwer of app thinking its good.yet as soon as you download you need to pay to uses anything. my reveiw remains the same if i have to pay at all example:exporting videos then it isnt free whats bull is you have a free price tag and a paid price tag verson in app store thus tricking people who havent seen app before that its free and to download whats more bull is you emailed me saying you fixed it to get anouther user to download it again . your app is crap and will forever be titled a scam too me